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Pottery House Signs is part of Bodger´s Farm Pottery situated in a beautiful, quiet and very rural part of West Norfolk near King´s Lynn. The signs are individually hand made in stoneware to your order by Howard Phillips.

At Bodger´s Farm Pottery, as well as specialising in the manufacture and supply of hand-crafted house signs, we also produce a wide range of pottery both hand built and wheel thrown. We are known for our Norfolk Ware porcelain pieces. Kate Phillips also specialises in historical ware from around the 6th through to the 16th century and supplies re-enactors around the world. Kate also teaches at the studio, go to our sister site www.bodgersfarmpottery.co.uk to find out more.

Address: Pottery House Signs, Bodger’s Farm, Black Drove, St John’s Fen End, Norfolk PE14 8JU

Work Process
Each plaque is hand-made by us to your exact requirements. We use quality materials to ensure a maintenance-free product that will look its best for years to come.